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Since 2005 Matt Schomburg and his Fogo Lax Academy have been teaching the proper method of facing-off to some of the worlds best players.  The Fogolax Academy has taught dozens of All-Americans in D1, D2 and D3 the techniques required to "control the game."  This past spring at the NCAA Finals one of Matt's students was named Most Outstanding Player and he led his team to a National Championship by dominating at the "X".

The Fogolax Academy teaches the critical skills for proper positioning, grip, wing -play, stance, ball control, strategy, shooting and even how to properly string your stick.

If you are looking to "control the game" and would like Matt and the Fogolax Academy to come to your school, camp, league or clinic please contact us at

Speed beats everything. If you’re not first your last! Reaction time to the whistle; first to the ball.

No weight in the hands no fall after possession.

Finish your move with your forearms and upper body explode with your lower body out of your stance.